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The Complete Guide to Pontoon Boats

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Love being on the water with the family in the summer? The best way to enjoy relaxing on the lake is on a pontoon boat! Buying a boat may seem like a challenging experience but there are certain mistakes you can avoid if you follow the right guide. 


Recreational Power Sports will give you the best tricks and tips to make your pontoon boat experience the best possible. Here’s a complete guide:


What are Pontoon Boats?

Pontoon boats rely on tubes to float due to their buoyancy and ability to have larger deck areas for entertaining. Most are catamaran-style meant for fishing or leisure and have sustainable engines. However, they are very lightweight and that’s why they’re commonly purchased for recreational boating. 


The Ultimate Family Boat

Owning a boat is fun for the entire family, but owning a pontoon boat is a family’s dream. Traditional boats are often very compact and are not designed for prolonged entertainment. Pontoon boats can allow for much larger decks specifically for longer boat trips and leisure. You can watch your kids playing, while the teens spend time on the couches inside the boat. Recreational Power Sports’ largest pontoon boat can sit up to 12 people with ample room! Our pontoon boats also have tables, stereo with Bluetooth connection and comfortable chairs! 



Pontoon boats sit high on the water because of the tubes. They also sit high on a trailer. On lakes and rivers, there are often very shallow, rocky areas that may dent the boats. However, fixing and maintaining them is cheap because they’re made of aluminum that doesn’t tear like a traditional boat made out of wood does. After a long day on the water, pontoon boat owners don’t have to clean up either. They can simply pack up and store the pontoon on the trailer.


A Fun Alternative to Traditional Boats

Pontoon boats are large and heavy, which makes it more difficult for them to be flipped. Pontoon boats can still zip around the lake if you are looking for a thrilling afternoon adventure; even at full speed, they do not flip!


Recreational Power Sports offers a variety of high-quality pontoon boats and fishing boats in Edmonton. Our boats are known for design innovation, strength, and safety, all of which come at an affordable price. With 11 years of brand history, our local family-owned business is proud to offer you the best services. To learn more about the best pontoon boats for you, give us a call or visit our location today!

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