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Simple Tips to Maintain Fishing Boats

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Fishing is a favourite sport for many in Canada. Unless you have your fishing boat in the best condition, it’s hard to pursue fishing, whether it’s for professional or recreational purposes. Proper maintenance is of prime importance to keep it in the best condition and ensure a safe ride. Both the engine and the vessel itself needs regular care to prevent damage from heat, humidity, mould, mildew and wear and tear. Here are a few tips to keep your precious fishing boat clean and attractive.


To begin with, clean your boat thoroughly to prevent dirt and debris from filtering in and jamming the motor. Use biodegradable detergents and do the job on dry land, not in the water or the debris will pollute the water. Use gentle natural cleaning agents such as borax, baking soda and vinegar instead of toxic chemicals such as lye, bleach and ammonia. Use fresh water to rinse off corrosive salt from the hull and sides of the boat, especially if you are returning from saltwater areas.


It’s better to use a wire brush than abrasive chemicals to clean the engine’s parts. Very often, algae, plants and marine creatures latch on to the boat. Clean out the fishing gear, cooling systems, boat trailers, props and other exposed parts of the vessel. Replace cracked hoses, replace fuel filters every three months and lubricate spark plug holes. Add antibacterial stabilizing agents to prevent bacteria infestation from the polluted waters. Check the oil level to make sure it has enough. Don’t fill the fuel tank to the brim or it might lead to condensation. Fill it about 90% and change the oil after every 100 hours. 


Before the chill of fall sets in, it’s time to winterize your boat. Remove the battery and store it in a ventilated place, away from freezing conditions. Cover your fishing boat with a tarp, shrink wrap or transhield cover to protect the exterior finish and interior upholstery. Clean out all food items, rugs, and electronic equipment. Clean out the drain plugs and top off the antifreeze. This is also a great time to change the oils!


Inspect your boat closely for any damage and faulty parts before you store it away. Call a professional for repairs if you spot anything wrong, or even if you suspect it. You can’t take chances on your boat and your safety. If winterizing your boat on your own isn’t your thing, then we would love to help you out! We offer boat winterize packages for all boats and budgets

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