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Recreational Power Sports - LiftBoss Electric Conversion Kits

LiftBoss Electric Conversion Kits


Convert your manual boat lift to electric with the Extreme Max/Lift Boss 12V Electric Conversion Kit! This kit is easy to install and only takes about 20 minutes!

$2,999 + Battery (not included)

Kits in stock for Shorestation 2500-4000lb lifts!

Kits and mounts for other brands and sizes are available to order.

SKU: ShoreStation Lifts-1

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Conversion Kit includes:

  • Motor
  • Solar panel
  • Mount
  • Battery tray
  • Wireless key fob
  • Manual key

Compatible with:

  • Shorestation
  • Shoremaster
  • Hewitt
  • RGC and more!

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