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Jet boat 2-Stroke-Twin Engine Winterize

A quick inspection of key points on boat/motor/trailer. Drain engines and other raw water systems and refill with marine antifreeze.



Includes visual inspection of the following:


  • Tarp Condition
  • Trailer Tires (Tread depth, signs of separation/damage, air pressure)
  • Inspect wheel bearings, grease Bearing Buddies if applicable
  • Winch strap and transom tie downs
  • Trailer Lights (hook up and test for proper function)

Engine/Running gear

  • Inspect jet pump impeller and wear ring condition x2


Includes the following winter service items only:

  • Drain cooling water from the following and refill with RV antifreeze:
    • Engine x2
    • Heater (if applicable)
    • Livewell and ballast pumps (if applicable)
  • Add Fuel Stabilizer to fuel tank and run engines
  • Remove hull drain plug and flag

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