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Shrink Wrap

Blue Shrink Wrapping (Single Use)

Shrink wrap is a single use, heat shrunk plastic that protects your boat from the elements during off season storage. Tight and strong, snow and water will fall right off preventing damage to your tarps and seats.


Listed pricing includes required posts and stringing to promote shedding of snow, ice, and water while the boat is wrapped. Pricing does not include GST.


  • Boats without wake towers = (Total Boat Length + 3FT) x $18/FT
  • Boats with wake towers (around tower) = (Total Boat Length + 3FT) x $20/FT
  • Pontoon boats = (Total Boat Length + 3FT) x $24/FT

*Total Boat Length = Centerline length of boat + swim platforms etc.

Boat Wrap Disclaimer: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their boat is dried properly before dropping off for wrapping. We do offer “No-Damp” desiccant bags and suggest they be used in every boat that is wrapped, but this product does not dry wet boats. We recommend a minimum of two “No-Damp” desiccant bags per boat. The more bags used, the fresher your boat will be in the spring!

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