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Advantages of a Recreational Pontoon Boat

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Enjoy relaxing at your cottage on the dock? How about extending where you can relax with a recreational pontoon boat! Pontoon boats are family-friendly, safe and great for recreational tours around the lake and fishing trips. Look at the many advantages a pontoon boat gives you:

Spacious, open deck

The best part of a pontoon boat is the privacy you enjoy. The large, open deck allows plenty of room for everyone to move around, play and enjoy the open view. It’s like a floating patio on which children can play or you can have a small BBQ if you like, too.

Relax in Style

A recreational pontoon boat allows you to explore remote areas and private coves more easily. You can choose to enjoy lakeside BBQs in the sunset or go fishing for the day’s catch with a group of like-minded friends. The shallow draft lets you get into hard to reach inlets, attach the rod holder to the side rails and catch fish for game or dinner. There’s a wide range of fishing gear available to help you get the best catch. Can you imagine the excitement of your children and the fun you can have with friends? 

Low Speed, Low Fuel Costs

Pontoon boats are not as expensive as motor-powered high-end boats. They don’t travel at high speeds, so fuel costs are much lower. Avoid filling up your fuel tank in premium places where the price of gas is high. Buy a fuel caddy instead and fill up yourself so you save a lot of money each time. A fuel caddy is portable, convenient, flows fast just by squeezing the handle. The mechanism prevents you from spilling the gas, and since you carry it with you, you’re never out of gas. The vessel is highly buoyant, is stable, safe and doesn’t sink easily. It doesn’t rock like a boat, so the ride is comfortable for children and those who tend to get seasick easily.

Low Insurance Costs

Boats are an expensive investment for which insurance coverage is high. However, pontoon boats have cheaper premiums because they are not high-speed or high-maintenance, which makes them a smart investment. This allows you to spend more on customized accessories and fishing gear to upgrade it, add value and more fun each time you sail out. 


The best part about a pontoon boat is that they hold their value over time if you take good care of it. In comparison, other boats depreciate in value much faster. Even your pontoon may dent on a rock, they don’t rip apart easily. It’s easy to patch dents and cheap to maintain. Just pressure wash any debris and mud that clings to the sides of the boat off the tubes.

Recreational Power Sports, Alberta

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